Victim’s dad: “My son is in the grave, and he is out having a good time”

A Scott County driver banned from drinking as part of his probation appears to be caught on social media partying in a bar.

And the family of the man he killed says, enough is enough.

Cody Lantau, 21, pleaded guilty in 2012 to homicide by vehicle.

Lantau struck and killed his friend, 17-year-old Will Schwener, at an outdoor party after a night of drinking and smoking synthetic marijuana.

Lantau was sentenced to 5 years of probation and he was barred from consuming or possessing alcohol during that time.

Saturday night, August 30, 2014, deputies who were called to the Long Grove Tap in Long Grove, Iowa, reported Lantau’s blood alcohol level there was .054.

Snapchat video images show Lantau inside the bar with drinks in his hand.

“It shows him singing karaoke, it shows him around the table having shots. Posted online and drinking. I’m not happy at all. I sat and bawled for two hours last night,” said Ron Schwener, the victim’s father.

“My son’s in the grave and he’s out having a good time. It’s not right, it’s just not right,” he said.

The Schwener family says Lantau’s probation should be revoked.

“He’s never paid and he needs to, because, he obviously hasn’t learned his lesson, if he’s still out drinking,” said Windy Hildebrant, the victim’s aunt.

The family was angered when Lantau received probation, and say they are outraged now.

Will Schwener’s birthday was Sunday, August 31.

“Having a good time on my son’s birthday. I went down to the county attorney today, I showed him the incident report, he was going to show it to his probation officer. I want him at least arrested for contempt of court, and I want him to answer to a judge,” Schwener said.

“He’s been partying for two years, I keep getting photos and stories from other people. No one wants to seem to listen. But, I am a dad. I’ll never quit fighting,” Schwener said.

A spokesperson from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the incident, but said the investigation was still underway and reports forthcoming.


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