Custodian gets $1.58 million settlement after scoreboard falls on her

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A local custodian, injured when a scoreboard fell on her at a grade school, was reportedly awarded the largest injury settlement in Bureau County, Illinois history.

Karen Erwin was working as a custodian at Leepertown Grade School when a basketball scoreboard fell on her as a Daktronics employee was removing it from the wall in October 2006, according to attorney David Olivero.

“The scoreboard weighed in excess of 200 pounds and caused Mrs. Erwin to suffer a closed head injury,” said a statement from Olivero.  “As a result of her injuries, Mrs. Erwin received extensive medical care and was never able to work again.”

Daktronics Corporation settled a lawsuit filed on behalf of Karen Erwin in Bureau County Circuit Court.  The $1.58 million settlement was expected to cover medical expenses for the rest of her life, Olivero said.

“This is the largest reported injury settlement in Bureau County history involving a head injury according to John Kirkton, editor of Illinois Jury Verdict Reporter,” Olivero said.