St. Louis-area officer fired after Facebook comments on Ferguson protests

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(CNN) — A St. Louis-area police officer has been fired after making what his chief called “very concerning and inappropriate” Facebook comments on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, according to a city official.

“These protesters should be put down like a rabid dog the first night,” Matthew Pappert, a police officer in the city of Glendale, wrote in one post, according to CNN affiliate KMOV. There were reportedly five inappropriate posts, KMOV said.

Pappert was originally suspended on August 22 after the comments came to light. An inquiry was initiated that day.

“Officer Pappert was dismissed following the conclusion of the investigation,” Glendale City Administrator Jaysen Christensen said. “Our focus at this point is to move past this, and turn the focus back to healing in the City (sic) of Ferguson.”

Glendale, like Ferguson, is a municipality in St. Louis County. The two suburbs are about 15 miles apart.

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In announcing a week ago that Pappert had been suspended, Glendale Police Chief Jeffrey Beaton cited what he called “very concerning and inappropriate posts on his personal Facebook page,” according to the Webster-Kirkwood Times, an online news outlet in the area.

Police have come under fire for their heavy-handed response to the protests in Ferguson that followed the shooting death earlier this month of an unarmed black teenager by a white Ferguson police officer.

An attorney for Pappert issued a statement saying the officer was sorry for his comments.

“Officer Pappert is deeply remorseful about what he posted on social media,” his lawyer, William Goldstein, said. “We ask for (the) same spirit of forgiveness and the opportunity for redemption.”

Pappert was not the only police officer in the region suspended for comments that were perceived as offensive.

Dan Page, an officer with the St. Louis County Police Department, was caught on camera pushing CNN’s Don Lemon. He was placed on administrative leave after a video surfaced of him ranting about the Supreme Court and Muslims, among other things.

He also refers on the video to Barack Obama as “that illegal alien who claims to be our President.”

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  • jrandl

    You have our soldiers gun shy about shooting our enemies in combat for fear of being arrested for murder and now your doing it to the Police force, And we wonder why thr is no law and order. I wouldn’t join this governments Military and i sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a cop, .Because according to you people, thr both, the Cop and the Soldier are supposed to stand thr and get shot, just to satisfy you, or in place of you. .We dont deserve law and order if were not willing to back up our Soldiers and Policemen, If we wont give our Military Or the Cops permission to fight with out the fear of being arrested what chance have we got. Sure thr are mistakes and errors made but they have to be dealt with, but you have to understand our Government is so corrupt and crooked its getting hard to tell right from wrong any more. With the legalization of Marijuana the wrongs have taken over our country.,With no government the best we the people can do is stay out of thr way. Our crooked government is getting to big to stop. Its going to take a miracle to stop them now.

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