Music benefit targets auditorium for Clinton middle school

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It's major fundraising time for the Clinton community trying to come up with $6 million dollars. It's all for a new middle school auditorium.

In November both Clinton, Iowa middle schools will move in the same building together, the only problem is there's not auditorium that comes with the new building. That means once both middle schools are torn down the only auditorium left is at the high school.

"If the middle school groups were also trying to perform in that space it would become even more crowded in terms of scheduling and very difficult," said band director Brent Van Nuland.

The original design of the new school included an auditorium but was soon taken off the drawing board because of cost. It would cost around $6 million dollars. A group of community members created the Clinton Fine Arts Association. On the committee is Don Tegeler who felt the need to help.

For four years now Tegeler has put on the Teleger Music benefit, a weekend long music event. He donates the proceeds to charity, but this year he decided to donate the money towards the effort to build an auditorium. The auditorium wouldn't just be for students, but for every artist in Clinton.

"Our vision for it to not only be a school auditorium but also a community place," said Van Nuland.

The event goes on Saturday 1:30-9 pm and Sunday noon to 9pm at the Riverview Bandshell in Clinton.