Moline says they might owe you money

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City officials say nearly three dozen individuals and businesses have never claimed checks held by the City of Moline.

Each year, the city submits a report to the State of Illinois listing unclaimed property that hasn’t been claimed in the past seven years.  The unclaimed property includes uncashed refund checks, payroll checks, utility deposits, license deposits and vendor checks.

Moline officials published a list August 28, 2014, listing 34 people and businesses with unclaimed property held by the city.  If the property remains unclaimed it is turned over to the state.

“If we can verify the person is entitled to the property, the funds will be returned to the owner rather than the State.  Once the funds are submitted to the State, you will have to contact the State directly for reimbursement,” said a post on the City of Moline website.

To check state records for unclaimed money in Illinois, click here.

They asked anyone with information about the people or businesses to contact the city at (309) 524-2085 or by email at

These people and businesses were on the August 28, 2014 City of Moline Unclaimed Monies list:

Keith Gardner

Joe Caissie

Jacob Lafferty

William L. Davenport

Harry Graefscheep

Randolf Baldridge

Christopher King

JCS Services

Allison Miller

Scott Lloyd

Kym Martin

Jeffrey S. Higgerson

William P. Quinn

Greg Engle

Estate of John Iwataki

Bridget Hays

JC Hillman

Joshua Morris

Stephanie Morrison

Robert G. Ineichen

Finders Keepers

Rich Johnson

Roger’s Resale

Action Estate Buyers

Electronics Boutique

Louis Paulimas (Jeans & More)

Stephanie B. Martin

Nathan Deporter

Covenant Building Corporation

D Quy Pham

Kimberly Nimrick

Hector Trejo

Lisa K. Johnson

Troy & Jolene Hoegner