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Scott County’s new Lost Grove Lake to net $20 million annually for local economy

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There's a hidden gem nestled off the back roads in Scott County; it's an attraction that's been in the making for more than two decades.

Officially opened to the public on August 22, Lost Grove Lake offers an array of activities for guests. From boating, kayaking, fishing, hunting to walking trails, locals are expecting the nearly 1,700-acre wildlife attraction to draw tourists and boost the local economy.

"The lake will be a $20 million annual economic boost," said Iowa DNR officer Chad Dolan. "It's going to benefit local businesses, local companies; just think of all the abundant outdoor recreation opportunities that was created as a result of Lost Grove Lake."

Dolan said plans to establish Lost Grove Lake began in 1987. By 2010, crews began work. Two years later, wildlife were released into the new lake.

When the lake opened to the public August 22, the lake span 230 acres, according to Dolan. By the summer of 2015, DNR expects the lake to expand, totaling 400 acres.

Wednesday, boaters, anglers and area locals caught a glimpse of the project that's been decades in the making.

"I remember when this was being planned years ago," said Scott County native and Clinton County transplant Bob Guy. Guy toured the area Wednesday, locating prime fishing spots for when he brings his father.

The lake will remain open to the public through mid-November and then close until spring for safety reasons.

Photo by Shane Simmons

Photo by Shane Simmons