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Davenport city council gives the go ahead for Dock project

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An agreement with the developer is the final push forward for the Dock Restaurant project on the Davenport riverfront, but some say it's a decision city leaders will regret.

Person after person stood before city council on Wednesday trying to change the fate of the old Dock Restaurant. Their concerns ranged from the design being too big to ruining the river view. Both the Levee Improvement Commission and the mayor having their backs.

"We haven't even seen the outlines. All we've seen is some water colored photographs. I think the city council has failed in their diligence this time," said Levee Commission member, Karl Rhomberg.

However, their arguments wouldn't change the council's decision approving a lease agreement with the developer on August 27, 2014.

"If I were given the opportunity to invest my money with this investment or this developer I would take my wallet and run for the door," said Rhomberg.

"The city council unfortunately gave away a chunk of our Mississippi river to a private commercial developer," said Mayor Bill Gluba

The developer Todd Raufeisen disagrees, he says there will be plenty of river to see. Raufeisen says the three story building with space dedicated to three restaurants, entertainment venues and office building is what the riverfront needs. The project now moving forward could change that, others say it may backfire.

"I think it's exciting. I think a lot of people want the Dock back and we're excited to bring it back," said Raufeisen.

"I think that they will regret this vote in the future," said Rhomberg.

The mayor has 14 days to veto the council's vote but Mayor Gluba tells News 8 that he will not veto.