Arizona shooting incident raises questions about kids on gun ranges

A shooting instructor in Arizona is dead after a nine-year-old girl shot and killed him during her lesson.  A video of the incident has been released and now there have been some questions raised about kids at gun ranges.

Uwe Lassen is a range officer at Morrison Sportsmen’s Club.

“When I see something that is not safe, I’ll stop everything,” he said.

There is a list of rules for the range, but there is not a policy at the range for restricting kids.

“We have a family policy. When the parents bring children down it is their responsibility to watch over their children,” said Lassen.

The parents of the nine-year-old girl who shot and killed her instructor were at the range at the time.

“I don’t think that is really smart because that child cannot even handle a weapon like that,” said Lassen.

In Illinois and Iowa there are different laws about kids on the range. In Illinois, kids can use a gun range if they are supervised by an adult that can legally have a gun. In Iowa, kids 20 years and younger must be with a parent or instructor to use a pistol or a revolver, but kids under 14 can’t use a hand gun at all.

And while there are flexible rules about kids at the Morrison Sportsmen’s Club, promoting safety is a priority for Lassen.

“Guns are fun, but they’re dangerous, because once you pull that trigger, you cannot say ‘Oh I’m sorry’, because that bullet is gone and you cannot bring it back,” said Lassen.


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