Worldwide ban sought on indoor e-cigarette smoking

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LONDON (CNNMoney) — The World Health Organization is calling for major regulations on the e-cigarette industry, including a ban on indoor smoking.

The UN agency says e-cigarette smoke — also known as vapor — increases levels of toxins in the air, including nicotine.

“Existing evidence shows that e-cigarette aerosol is not merely ‘water vapor’ as is often claimed in the marketing of these products,” it said, though acknowledged that e-cigarettes were generally not as bad for smokers and bystanders as traditional cigarettes.

The WHO called for standardized regulations that would restrict advertising efforts and prohibit the industry from making unproven health claims for e-cigarettes.

The industry — worth an estimated $3 billion per year — markets e-cigarettes as a less-toxic product that can help smokers quit. But the WHO maintained there was no scientific proof showing the products helped people stopped smoking.

The WHO is worried that current marketing techniques could encourage non-smoking youth to try e-cigarettes. It suggested banning candy and fruit-flavored e-cigarette products to ensure kids weren’t tempted.

The e-cigarette industry has grown since 2005 to encompass 450 brands made by ‘Big Tobacco’ and small independents.

Based on research from 2013, nearly half of smokers and ex-smokers in the U.S. have tried e-cigarettes, but only 4% use the products on a regular basis.

WHO members will be discussing regulatory options for e-cigarettes in mid-October at a meeting in Moscow.


  • Donna Stichter

    Might as well put cancer sticks back in the hands of all the people who have OVERCOME the addiction. These sensationalized stories are INSANE. There are MILLIONS of vapers who have QUIT SMOKING with the use of this product. No scientific proof? How about the improved HEALTH and BREATHING of millions of people? Seems like a pretty good amount of PROOF to me.

  • Aliceinwonder

    Oh GREAT! MORE laws. The U.S. has more laws (and more incarcerated persons) than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Wouldn’t our founding fathers just be so proud? Everything they worked so hard for….LIBERTY…gone in every imaginable way possible.

  • JohnR

    I switched to vape two years ago and have not touched a cigarette since.  I feel better, breathe better, and have reduced my nicotine intake by two thirds. I am well on my way to being completely smoke and vape free after 15 years of smoking and trying every other stop smoking aid out there. All ingredients in ecigarette juice is FDA approved as food additives (except nicotine of course. Which even my doctor admits is no more harmful than caffeine. And parents don’t seem to have any problem feeding that to their kids in large doses).  Critics say there’s no scientific proof that it’s helping anyone. I say where’s the scientific proof it’s not!? I personally know a handful of other smokers with similar stories as mine. Seems like more than 4% to me!

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