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Centennial Bridge closure extended to October

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Repairs, originally expected to be done by early September, will take about a month longer than expected on the Centennial Bridge.

Repair work began Sunday, August 3, 2014 and was slated to be completed within 35 days.  The project included replacing expansion joints and transverse beams along the entire bridge span.

On August 21, IDOT officials announced replacing the main beam inside the bridge could be more difficult that expected and the work could delay completion of the project.

"Due to unforeseen conditions and problems encountered in replacing the transverse beams across the width of the bridge and the support columns, the opening of the bridge will be delayed until early October," said an August 26, 2014 update statement from Illinois Department of Transportation spokesman John Wegmeyer.

Extra steel must be fabricated, delivered and installed to complete the repairs.  IDOT was working with the contractor to expedite the additional work.

"Work will be scheduled so that participants in the Quad City Marathon can safely use the bridge for this important event the last weekend of September," Wegmeyer said.

The Centennial Bridge repair project schedule was revised so the bridge can reopen to traffic by October 10, 2014, Wegmeyer said.

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