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Viral Video: Passengers laugh uncontrollably at ‘cops chasing a cow’ in Kewanee

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“Only in Kewanee [can] you see cops chasing a cow.”

A video posted to Facebook by Cheryl Payne Pudil shows police in Kewanee chasing down a cow that’s escaping down a sidewalk.

The video was taken Aug. 17,  according to a report by the Kewanee, Illinois Star Courier. All the action was captured from a car in the 500 block of North Main Street.

The Star Courier explained that a Holstein cow walked up the street, passing businesses and crossing the street. All the while, two police cars are following it with their lights flashing.

The Star Courier said Police Chief Jim Dison laughed as he said “officers were escorting that cow.” Dison explained that officers decided to follow the cow out of town, instead of catching it. The cow eventually left the town’s city limits.

The video has had more than 9,000 shares.