More to ALS then just the ice bucket challenge

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The social media phenomenon, the ice bucket challenge has now raised more than $50 million dollars for the ALS Association. Families fighting the disease say they hope it's creating awareness about their everyday struggles.

All you need is some ice, some water, a video camera and you too can join in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze. Since July the fundraiser has exploded on social media with people posting their ice bucket challenges. The ASL Association has raised more money than ever, reaching $53.3 million.

"I really love watching how this thing has taken off," said Dan Deibert.

For Deibert the challenge has a personal importance for him.

"It's one of those diseases before my dad had it I was not aware of it. I didn't know what it was," said Deibert.

ALS or better known as the Lou Gehrig's disease affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

"My dad was at the point where he couldn't even lift his arms anymore, where he couldn't turn his own head," said Deibert.

On Friday, August 22, 2014 people loaded buckets up and hopped on the Modern Woodmen Ferris Wheel. This time is was for Deibert's challenge.  Deibert says it's important to donate, but it's even more important to learn.

"When you're diagnosed with ALS they pretty much tell you there's no hope. I don't believe that, there has to be hope. Maybe this is the thing. Maybe its people pouring ice over their heads that makes people go learn, fund the research and we fix it," said Deibert.

Deibert's dad passed away in 2012. The ALS Association says about 30,000 Americans are living with the disease.