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Police: Person acts as Rock Falls employee, enters home of resident

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Police say someone walked into an elderly man’s home, pretending to be a City of Rock Falls employee.

A relative of the man reported the incident around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 20, 2014, saying that a white male had entered the elderly man’s 1st Avenue home, according to Chief Michael Kuelper of the Rock Falls Police. The elderly man was startled by the male’s entry because he had not knocked or announced himself.

The male claimed to be a City of Rock Falls Utility worker, Kuelper said. He walked through the house and into the basement. A few minutes later the male said that he needed to go out to his truck to get some equipment.

“The victim did not hear or see a truck and the male never returned,” Kuelper said.

Police describe the male as being white, standing about 6-feet tall, and weighing 200 pounds. He had an object in his hand that he was calling a “tester.”

Any city employee who visits a resident’s home or business is required to wear a City issued uniform that displays the City logo and has department identification. City employees also must have photo identification. If it’s not displayed they are able to show it when asked.

“All city employees are instructed never to enter a residence without being personally invited by the resident,” Kuelper said.

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