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Man intrudes Rock Falls home, claims to be city employee

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Police are warning residents in Rock Falls of a potential scam.

According to the Rock Falls Police Department, on Wednesday, August 20, an unidentified man, who claimed to be a City of Rock Falls utility worker, entered an elderly man's home without knocking or announcing himself. The man proceeded to walk through the home and into the basement area before telling the homeowner he was going to his truck to get some equipment. The homeowner became concerned when he looked out his window and didn't see the man or his truck.

William Wescott, the mayor of Rock Falls, told News 8 that city employees would never walk into someone's home without notifying the homeowner first.

"Under no condition should a Rock Falls utility worker ever just walk into a residence uninvited, unannounced or without showing proper identification," Wescott said.

In Rock Falls, all city employees who go to residences or businesses are required to wear the city-issued uniform which has the city logo on it.

Wescott added that all city employees typically wear an orange shirt.

Rock Falls resident Brock Law said hearing about this incident is concerning because the neighborhood where it happened is usually quiet.

"Thank God it's the first and only case that we've heard of like this," Law exclaimed. "It's a pretty quiet town and there's not much of that kind of stuff going on here."

The elderly are typically targets for scams, according to police.

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Police are still investigating the case. Anyone with information pertaining to the case is asked to contact the Rock Falls Police Department.