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Dock developement plans draw concerns over riverfront view

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Plans for a new look along the Davenport riverfront aren't what everyone wants to see down there as the Dock redevelopment moves forward, some fear it will ruin the view.

It's been up for discussion for two years, how to develop the former Dock restaurant property.  Investors have come forward, drawings have been made and the city council has approved it. However, there are still concerns- the latest over the riverfront view.

Under the development agreement the city is to build a belvedere, an elevated walkway people can use to get to the building when the Mississippi River floods.

"I'm not going to say it will be an eyesore, but I think it could be better," said Mary Dubert, member of Davenport Levee Improvement Commission.

The city's Levee Improvement Commission says at seven feet tall, the belvedere will ruin the view, but the developer argues it can be done while enhancing the river. Siding with the developer city alderman say there will be plenty of river to see.

"This will be cover space for people to be able to enjoy the river whether the weather rainy or not," said Alderman Bill Boom.

The city council gave first approval to the land leasing and parking license agreement with the developer.