Centennial Bridge repairs could take longer than expected

Repairs on the Centennial Bridge could take longer than expected, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

News 8 spoke with John Wegmeyer from IDOT and he said replacing a main beam inside the bridge may be more difficult than expected.

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More details will come out Monday or Tuesday, August 25 or 26, once workers have a chance to assess the issues.

According to the Bi-State Regional Commission, the original plan was to have the Centennial Bridge closed to traffic for 35 days and reopen in early September. Construction began on Sunday, August 3.

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  • zakkodel

    LoL I sure they knew the whole time but just coming out now with it.. Its kinda like the retards in wapello who wanted a new pool. They come back halfway through completion and say they need more money because they know once construction has started theres no stopping it.

  • zakkodel

    Or the idiots at Wapello school that desperately wanted this addition at the school.. Halfway through construction they need 100,000 more because they need to make it wheelchair accessable..

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