Competitors Nationwide Race Lawn mowers in Tampico, Illinois

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Lawnmowers are getting a break from mowing grass this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, August 16th and 17th, 2014, the National Lawnmower Races were held on the TNT Speedway in Tampico, Illinois.

Organizers say around 75 people competed in 11 different classes.

They say some lawnmowers get up to 80 miles an hour.

"The rush is outstanding," Todd Tornow with the Illinois Lawnmower Racing Association said. "It's awesome. It's exciting to be out there on the track and it's just for the love of the sport. We get paid no money for this. It's all for trophies and bragging rights. No money payouts at all."

Racers participated from all over the country. Some even came as far away as Florida.