Hundreds of John Deere workers on indefinite layoff

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Deere & Company announced more than 600 workers, at four locations, will be placed on indefinite layoff.

The official announcement came Friday, August 15, 2014.

The layoff announcement was issued two days after the company announced third quarter 2014 earnings dropped to $2.33 per share compared to $2.56 per share for the same period the previous year. Deere & Company net income also dropped from $2.73 billion in the first nine months of 2013 to $2.513 billion in the first nine months of 2014. Worldwide sales and revenue were also down.

“Deere’s third-quarter performance reflected moderating conditions in the global farm sector, which have negatively affected demand for farm machinery and contributed to lower sales and profits for our agricultural-equipment business,” said Deere’s chairman and CEO, Samuel Allen.

“Deere had hired several hundred manufacturing employees in recent years to meet increased demand for products manufactured in its Midwest U.S. factories,” said a statement about the layoffs from John Deere.

The indefinite layoffs announced August 15 affected workers at John Deere Harvester works in East Moline, Illinois; John Deere Seeding and Cylinder in Moline, Illinois and John Deere Coffeyville in Coffeyville, Kansas. John Deere Des Moines Works in Ankeny, Iowa was placed on extended shutdown in July, and workers at that facility were to be part of the group subjected to indefinite layoff.

Deere also implemented seasonal shutdown affecting most workers at John Deere Ottumwa Works in Ottumwa, Iowa.


  • Joanne

    I was one of the 22 people layed off at John Deere Seeding. It came as a huge surprise with no notice at all. Was called into a meeting yesterday at 3 pm, and that’s when we were told. I’m a single mom raising three kids so it was very hard to take. I had two years almost in with the company. I feel so bad for all the other people who are trying to raise a family and make a living. I wish them all the best in moving forward.

    • WendyWhiner

      I can’t image what that must feel like. Best of luck to you and your family, and all the others who have also been laid off. Hopefully you will have little problem finding another position, though, with two years of JD Seeding under your belt. :)

    • jrandl

      Looks like Sam Allen stole all your profits dont it ? Guys like him think the employees dont need to be paid, but if not for the employee he would have nothing to steal, Don’t you think ?

  • BeenThere

    Stephen and Jrandl, it sounds like you think a company should only hire new people if it can keep them employed permanently. This is not realistic. The customers’ demand for the product is sometimes going to go up, sometimes going to go down. It is very tough, and can be very sad. I’ve been in the position of losing my job before, several times, and I know it disrupts a person’s life in major, negative ways. I am very sorry for people who get laid off. But you can’t expect a company to need the same amount of people regardless of whether people are buying its products or not.

    • BeenThere

      Fruit, if you have a solution, I’d be interested in hearing it. What would you do if you were running John Deere, sales went down, and you had fewer people buying machines?

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