Neighbor said Davenport man killed by police was ‘a really nice guy’

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A neighbor said her husband thought fireworks made a popping sound that she later learned were gunshots fired during an altercation between a man and police next door.

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"He would act wild sometimes but, overall, he was a really nice guy," Rachel Wommack said.  She knew Jennings and lives next door to where the shooting occurred.

Wommack said she was inside her home with her child when she heard a popping noise. She said her husband thought fireworks were being set off.

When Wommack went outside, she said she saw police and she knew something was wrong.

"To hear that Alvin had been shot was pretty devastating," Wommack said.

She added that Alvin was a roommate and friend to the man who called police to his home.

"They have been best friends since their childhood," Wommack said.

Both officers, Epigmenio Canas and Shawn Sullivan, were put on administrative leave. The Scott County Sheriff's Department was investigating the incident.

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  • jrandl

    I dont suppose they had any Mace or a stun gun handy, or were they still eating thr donuts when they got thr ? Deadly force if your attacked, Just because you see a guy with a knife, Think before you shoot.

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