Where’s summer?

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The start of the school year elsewhere across our area means the end of summer for thousands, but for many thanks to Mother Nature, summer never really started.

It's been the perfect weather to take a jog or just do some sight-seeing along the river. It's the middle of August, but some would say it feels like October.

"It's just been a little chilly," said Tom Olson.

This summer so far the Quad Cities hasn't seen triple digits and only hit 90 degrees once.

"This summer was very mild like usually around the time of the fair and the air show you know, it's up in the 100's with the heat index."

Boaters like Olson dealt with weather's one-two punch.

"We have a couple boats down here and we've taken one of them out maybe twice. The flood and the high water. We like it hot," said Olson.

Over at the spray park in Davenport you can find less people than last year, trying to cool off.

"With Iowa weather it's either it's extremely cold or extremely hot and nobody wants to go out," said Kevin Martin who was enjoying the day will his kids.

Some say the prefer the hot summer weather they're use to while others say they've actually grown to enjoy the cooler weather.

"I think with the way it was, made it more of a summer because everybody was out. Numerous times went to the parks around the area got the kids out you don't catch that a lot," said Martin.

However, most say they can't complain since they know winter isn't far away.

"I hope it sticks around and the snow stays away," said Martin.