GPS tracking bracelet designed to keep kids safe, put parents at ease

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kidsport GPS, photo from kidsport GPS product website

To help keep kids safe and put parents’ minds at ease, a father has created a GPS bracelet that tracks the whereabouts of children.

While on vacation with friends, a child in the group was lost for a few hours, and eventually found, reported Fox News. This incident inspired Brian Sullivan’s idea for the kidsport GPS.

Sullivan’s idea is a bracelet that has a built-in cell chip for GPS tracking. It allows parents to track children via an app on their phones, tablets, or computers. The signal pinpoints a child’s location within about 10 feet of where they are. It costs $129, with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.

Some of the features include an alert system that notifies parents if the bracelet is taken off or cut off. The bracelet also keeps record of location history every five minutes. Parents have the ability to see where their child has been over the last three hours. The battery lasts about 24 hours, and a text alert is sent when the device is running low on power. To see more features, click here.

According to the report, the product also has a button to send a text signal for help, and parents can also set up boundaries. For instance, if the yard was set as a boundary, an alert would be sent if the child left the yard.

According to the kidsport GPS product website, the tracking devise is expected in stores in October. They can be preordered on the Precise Innovation website.