Ya Maka My Weekend brings relief to downtown Rock Island businesses

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Downtown Rock Island businesses hope to find some relief to their less than profitable summer with Ya Maka My Weekend going on August 8-9, 2014.

The District has had some bad luck this summer season, with the Criterium moving to Davenport in May, Red, White and Boom being cancelled in July, and the Centennial Bridge closing for 35 days.

"We have our good days, we have our bad days. Some days we're busy, some days we're dead," said Deborah Bergheger, owner of Atlante Trattoria. "Our business has been losing money because [nobody wants] to get caught in the traffic going across the bridge."

Summertime is normally one of the busiest times of the year for downtown Rock Island businesses.


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  • Confused and Suspiscious

    I am surprised in your coverage, as I doubt that there was not one positive comment made by business owners. I assume that there has been some negative financial impact for multiple reasons including some items you mentioned. There has been a downturn in many economic sectors across the Quad City area over the past few years.

    Yet your coverage would indicate that there is not one positive comment made regarding the state of business in 2014 in the District?

    I have been a patron of the district form many years, and I believe that it is the best it has ever been regarding the type of businesses, and the cooperation by business owners to provide a welcoming environment by addressing any problems that may have been an issues in the past. Establishment like Icons, MD Greens, The Smoking Dog, RIBCO/2nd Ave, The Arena, The Daiquiri Factory as well as Blue Cat, Mama Compton’s, and Alante all contribute positively to the community.

    Could you not do a news story that shows the District in a positive manner?

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