QC Chamber’s Young Professionals Support SAU Plan

The Young Professionals Network of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce voiced their support for the SAU Stadium Plan on Friday, August 8, 2014.

At 9:30 a.m. Friday, two members showed up at Davenport City Hall to give city council members a letter of support for the plans. The letter discusses how a new stadium could attract more young people to the Quad City area.

No council members were there in person to receive their letter. Four members have voted no on the re-zoning measure so far, Barney Barnhill, Rick Dunn, Ray Ambrose, and Mike Matson.

The City Council has just 30 days to over-ride Mayor Bill Gluba's veto. That means they would have to vote on the plans again before August 16, 2014. They also need seven council members to vote yes on the re-zoning plans. That means at least one of the four council members who hasn't supported the plans, would need to change their vote.


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