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Taxpayers demand trustees’ removal after late water payments

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Just South of the Quad Cities some people in the village of North Henderson, Illinois are demanding board members get the boot. It all comes down to unpaid or late water payments.

Former North Henderson village president Jim Tucker claims problems started after he left office when new trustees came into the picture.  After attending some board meetings he and some other tax payers say they realized something wasn't right.

"Why would we lose 600 dollars in water consumption over the period of one month? That makes absolutely no sense," said Susan Newberg, who lives in North Henderson.

So they started doing some digging and found out that four of the six trustees had a record of making late water payments to the village of North Henderson.

"They use water. They pay their bill when they feel. It isn't right," said Newberg.

A freedom of information act request was filed and the documents show that indeed four of the six trustees had been behind or hadn't paid. Some of them had eight or more mispayments. All the late charges combined were more than $2,500 dollars. There's 80 active water customers in the village and in some months the trustees made up 41 percent of those whose payments were late.

"It's your responsibility and your oath that says you will follow the law. You've not done that," said Tucker.

Illinois law states that people can't take an oath of office in a municipality if they owe it money. Now a letter is going around asking the new village president to remove the trustees that owe Henderson cash.

"You have to pay your bill every month. You're an elected or an appointed trustee. You represent the citizens of this community," said Newberg.

News eight attempted to contact the village president several times and left a message but we haven't heard back.


  • Diane Brown

    Someone needs to ask the former mayor why village money was spent on a sidewalk which is private property. Also village money was spent on flowers for this particular private property. This was discovered via FOIA.

  • Brian

    Wow WQAD you must really be searching for stories. Some people were late with their water payments so we are worried about collecting late charges? There are a lot of misguided people in the world and Jim Tucker is one of them. Let’s focus on positive things and trying to make our world a better place. Channel 8 should be ashamed for falling for this nonsense. If they wanted a more appropriate story, check into why public funds were spent on private property.

  • Billie Spahnie

    As a resident of North Henderson I can fully state that this is a further attempt by the former village president James Tucker, to pursue the state of tyranny that he put this village in when he was in office. A village that has a small population, no businesses besides the village hall, fire station and post office… this man ran this village into so much debt it will take years to pay off. He was constantly coming onto people’s property unannounced at all hours of the day and night, making threats, etc. Mr. Tucker and his neo-nazi ideas nearly caused more trouble here during his regime, than this small and serene village needed or wanted. He is mad because after one term as village president, he wasn’t voted back in. It’s plain to see he hasn’t given up yet. Seriously Mr. Tucker… give it up. You aren’t wanted as village president.

  • Carol Rogers

    As a village Trustee who was on the board during Tucker’s “leadership” as well, this is just another way for Jim, his sister, and neighbor to bully people in the community. I am one who they “demand” be removed from office. A little more investigating from the reporter would have shown that I do not have a water bill in my name. The bill that is my husband’s name has been paid late on occasion, but it is always paid. He has been a water consumer in this village for more then 40 years and has never not paid the water bill. As far as I know paying a bill late is not a crime.
    I would encourage WQAD to do more investigating before wasting their time helping bullies with their cause. Bullying is a big problem in this country and it isn’t just with the kids.

  • Joyce Tucker

    Not a single one of you have addressed the issue which is that A LAW HAS BEEN BROKEN! As far as I’m concerned you are allowed your opinions but you don’t get to make your own laws. TRUSTEEs that DO NOT pay their obligations to the village must be removed from office. And shame on you for setting such a wonderful example while we are trying to put in a $400K water system.

  • smokefyre

    Joyce Tucker and Jim Tucker and their friends are on a witch hunt. If they want to buy up all of the houses of the people they don’t like or feel are too poor, need to start making offers.

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