More attractions at Modern Woodmen has some asking if it’s too much

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Several weeks after the Ferris Wheel started spinning on Davenport's riverfront, the Quad City River Bandits unveiled a new attraction. However, some city leaders claim they have concerns about how much is going on off the field.

Food, jerseys, and beer are all ways ballparks can make some money, but at Modern Woodmen Ballpark they're all about paving the way for new ideas, big ones.

"We're always trying to find ways to keep fans entertained," said Andrew Chesser, general manager for the River Bandits.

The ballpark has bounce houses, zip lines, a Ferris Wheel and now a new ride called the Drop' N Twist.

However, not everyone is sold on all the attractions. Alderman Bill Boom is worried that those attractions will start to expand and make the riverfront look like a carnival.

"I just want to make sure that whatever Mr. Heller does at the park stays within the park and doesn't start spreading out beyond his lease," said Boom.

Chesser says that's not going to happen, "We're limited on space. We're not going to encroach on LeClaire Park or Centennial Park."

Boom says the attractions could start to take away the real purpose of the ballpark.

"I hear both sides of the stories, but the majority people say this is a ballpark and the primary function should be ball games or other major events," said Boom.

Modern Woodmen says they're averaging 400 more fans every game because of the attractions. They also said there's talk of possibly putting in a carousel ride sometime in the future.


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