Des Moines coffee shop offers employment, cooking training to students with disabilities

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A Des Moines coffee shop offers jobs and training for students with disabilities.

Plymouth Grounds Coffee Shop is located inside a church and volunteers work alongside the students making drinks and baking treats.

“We really get to bring something special to the coffee shop and that is homemade,” said employee Charlie Flippen.  “And that’s what I think really makes us special. We make our own products and bring our own stuff.”

The coffee shop’s manager developed a prototype of a digital magazine called Look, Cook, and Eat. Subscribers get videos on how to create easy, nutritious meals for people with special needs.

“You could take it into the kitchen, watch some short videos, look at different images of what you need for ingredients, what you need for tools,” said Look, Cook, and Eat creator Sue Hoss.

The Look, Cook, and Eat project has a Kickstarter campaign to help get it off the ground. The goal is to raise $45,000.