Workers Arrive for Start of Centennial Bridge Work

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Construction crews arrived shortly after dawn Monday to start a month's work on the Centennial Bridge linking Davenport and Rock Island.

The bridge will be closed for a month as transportation workers repair beams underneath the concrete decking.  Workers say it's preventive maintenance: the work is meant to solve deck problems before they arise.

Crews started working on the Rock Island section of the four-lane bridge around 6 a.m.  The entire bridge was closed to traffic Sunday to prepare for Monday's work.

Pedestrians and bicyclists will still be able to use the sidewalks on the bridge while work continues.

The bridge work is to be completed September 6th.

Drivers are urged to use the Interstate 74 or Interstate 280 bridges.  The official detour takes motorists to Interstate 280.

But several drivers are expected to use the nearby Arsenal Bridge which is two lanes wide and can be closed for several minutes to allow passing barges to pass through Lock and Dam 15 between Davenport and the Rock Island Arsenal. There were minor backups near the Arsenal Bridge Monday morning, but no major backups occurred in the Iowa Quad Cities.

You can see Centennial Bridge construction live at this link, and you can see the latest picture of the Government Bridge at Lock and Dam 15 by clicking here.