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Grandma gets $150 speeding ticket, writes thank you note to police

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Instead of getting frustrated, a grandmother was appreciative when a police officer pulled her over for speeding.

According to a report by KBOI, Tana Baumler was driving to a wedding in Idaho Falls, Idaho with her husband and two granddaughters. The group got behind schedule and Baumler was caught speeding, traveling nearly 95 mph in a 75 mph zone by Trooper Mike Nielson.

Baumler said when Trooper Nielson pulled them over, he gave the kids stickers and sheriff badges and treated her family kindly.  Even though she got her own “sticker” in the form of a $150 citation, she was appreciative of his attitude and wrote the police a thank you note.

“Dear Idaho State Police, Recently I was on vacation with my grandchildren and was pulled over for speeding. Officer Mike Nielson made it a good experience for my grandchildren by talking with them calmly and giving them stickers. He didn’t leave me out and I got my very own STICKER SHOCK :) Thanks for a great attitude.”

Nielson said to likes to treat the public the way he would like to see his own family treated.

“(I) usually just talk to the kids,” Nielson said, reported KBOI. “Kids are always really inquisitive when the guy with the big hat walks up to their car on the side of the highway so sometimes they are a little nervous.”

KBOI reported that Baumler wrote out her thank you note as she made out the check for her ticket.