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Fair horse show honors local fire fighters

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A couple of horse handlers decided they wanted to spice things up this year with their show while at the same time honor local heroes.

It's two hours away from showtime and Jeremiah Litteral and Alan Schneckloth are getting their stars ready. Litteral and Schneckloth have been showing horses all their life, but this year they decided they wanted to change things up.

Schneckloth knows a lot of Davenport fire fighters and Litteral has two generations of fire fighters in his family so they decided to  have a fire wagon built. They painted it red and decked out in fire fighter gear. Not only a way to get the crowd fired up but a way to keep their attention.

"It seems like everybody is either related to or knows someone that is a fire fighter. It just seemed like a good way to connect with people other than horses," said Litteral.

Also honoring local fire fighters along the way. Every show a different local fire fighter rides on the back of the wagon.

" I want them to  be excited. I want them to be on the edge of their seat and clap for the firefighter that's on the back," said Litteral.