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Pay It Forward: Nikki’s Hearts Children’s Pantry

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Making ends meet can be difficult for many families.

One women knows that struggle first hand and decided she wanted to help others through a free non-profit pantry for children.
 Kimberly Williams has never met a woman she calls an angel.
"She started helping my son and his wife with their children.  Cribs, bottles, baby items formula food, diapers, whatever they needed," said Williams.
That help comes from Nikki's Hearts Children's Pantry in Davenport.
The pantry is why Williams nominated Nikki Burnes for our Ascentra Credit Union “Pay It Forward” program.
"On behalf of Channel 8 and Ascentra Credit Union I want to "Pay It Forward" to you for all that you do.  Thank you, can I hug you?  Yes you can.  Thank you so much."
Nikki collects donations from friends, family and anyone able to give,  then passes it on to those in need.
"We've helped just under 750 families in the last three years.   To see the look on peoples faces when they know ok my baby now has clothes or my baby has a safe bed to sleep in.  That makes it so worth it because I know I've been in that position and had nothing and no one to reach out," said Nikki.
Thats one reason why she started the pantry and Facebook page.
"I just want to make a difference and help out people in need. To us a package of diapers might not mean much but to someone who doesn't get paid for 3 days and has 5 diapers its a life saver," said Nikki.
She says she only has one requirement "if they don't bring it back a lot of times they have passed it on to another family in need and thats all I ask either return it or pass it on to someone else who needs it... cause thats what its all about."
Williams hopes Nikki will be able to keep Paying It Forward with your help.
"I really hope this shines a light on her and that more people can donate to her so she can help more people.  For her to able to do that just because she felt a need was there and not ask anybody for anything out of it... I just thought that was the most amzaing gift you could give to a community," said Williams.
 You can learn more about Nikki's Hearts Children's Pantry and how you can donate at her Facebook page