Mercer County Treasurer pleads guilty to theft

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Mercer County Treasurer, Mike Bertelsen pleaded guilty to felony theft.

An affidavit filed in August of 2012 shows that Bertelsen was accused of stealing money from the Republican Central Committee of Mercer County in April of 2012.

The QC Times reported that Bertelsen was also charged with the theft of $13,000 in county 911 funds.

In a plea agreement, Bertelsen pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft in connection with those 911 funds, according to a report by QC Online.

According to attorney Jack Schwartz, Bertelsen pleaded guilty Monday, July 28, 2014 in Rock Island County Circuit Court.

He paid $13,800 in restitution, Schwartz said.

Bertelsen also reportedly  resigned from his position as treasurer. There will be two new candidates for the position on the November ballot.

His sentencing is set for October.