Fishing boat goes over pontoon in Mississippi River collision

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In a collision on the Mississippi River in Clinton, a fishing boat went over top of a pontoon.

On Saturday evening, July 26, 2014, a V-bottom fishing boat collided with a pontoon boat in front of the Clinton Marina, according to a report by the Clinton Herald.

The Herald reported that the fishing boat went over the top of the pontoon boat during the collision. Before the Clinton Fire Department arrived on scene, the five people on the pontoon boat and the three people on the fishing boat were moved to another private boat. One person was later taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Both of the boats drivers were cited for different offenses.

According to Conservation Police Sgt. Robert Frazier of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Bradley Kane from Clinton, driver of the fishing boat, was charged with operating a bass boat under the influence of alcohol, the Herald reported. He was also cited for having an unregistered water craft.

The driver of the pontoon boat, Rene Renkes was cited for improper crossing, according to the report.

Boating traffic was halted temporarily after the crash.

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