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Daycare prescription drug mishap has Davenport mom concerned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Davenport mom says she never worried about her daughter going to daycare until she was given a pill to treat ADHD, that was prescribed to another kid.

It was mid-afternoon last week, when Sharon Shorter received a call from Friendly House telling her there was something wrong with her daughter.

"You need to come and get Kari because she's throwing up all over the place," Shorter recalled being told.

Once at home, 7-year-old Ukyria, known as "Kari," was sleepy.

"I went in and checked on her and she was sleeping. I was talking to her laying in the bed with her, everything and she don't remember me coming in the room," said Shorter.

The next morning, someone from Friendly House's summer daycare program called explaining that Kari had taken a pill that another child gave her.

An incident report from Friendly House filed on July 23, 2014 said that one child's mother approached a teacher in the daycare program saying her child had been offered medication by another child the day before. That parent said her child did not take the medication, and she believed the child that offered her the medication offered it to another child who did take it.

The child with the medication later admitted giving the medication to another child. The staff member then called Ms. Shorter to inform her of the story about the medication and said it was possible her daughter may have been given 5mg of Methylphenidate, a medication used for treatment of ADHD.

The report goes on to say the staff that administered the medication to the child it was prescribed to were asked if they had watched that child take the medication. They said yes, and that the child later admitted to putting the pill in her mouth and taking it out.

"First thing I'm thinking also, where was the supervision? Who passed this med? Who gave this med to her? Did they watch her?" said Shorter.

Lorelei Pfautz, Executive Director of Friendly House said was happened was a "really unfortunate incident," but that staff followed protocol and did exactly what they were assigned. The Friendly House will now require children that take medication to take it with a cup of water and staff will check the child's mouth.

"God is good cause my baby was the right size and the dosage didn't harm her, but it did react to her and make her really sick. But who's to say what it would have did to the next kid?" said Shorter.

And while she takes responsibility for her daughter taking the pill she hopes the same mistake doesn't happen again.


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