Israeli teenagers bring song and dance to the Quad Cities

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A group of teenagers that have been traveling through the Midwest for the last three months came to the Quad Cities on Sunday, July 27 to perform Israeli songs and dances for a crowd at the Tri-City Jewish Center in Rock Island.

The group is called the Caravan Magal and their goal is to show people in the U.S. the brighter side of Israel, different from what they see in the news.

Danit Attar, the Caravan Magal's leader, lives with her family just 30-minutes outside of Tel Aviv, Israel.

"All of my friends and are in the Gaza Strip fighting this war and it's very hard for us to be away from there," said Attar. "We are trying to show our Israel. Not what you see in the news or what you read about. It's our Israel it's us and it's not very different from you."

Caravan Magal scout member, Bar Peras, said this will be his final year with the group before he must join the Israeli military to fulfill his country's draft requirement. He said he knows how dangerous his war-torn country is right now.

"Imagine that missiles were fired at your house every day and you have to go to a bomb shelter," said Peras. "You have one minute to go inside a bomb shelter and hide."

Peras, however, said bringing his culture to the U.S. is another way he can help his family back home in Israel.

"This is something that symbolizes us as a society like American culture symbolizes American society and Israel culture symbolizes Israeli society," said Peras.

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