Dad’s invention makes 100 water balloons in a minute

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A dad with a passion for summer fun invented something that helps speed up water balloon production.

Texas father Josh Malone featured a product he designed called “Bunch O Balloons” on, which is a forum for inventors, crafters, and creators of any kind to share their ideas and products with others.

The product allows you to make 100 water balloons in less than a minute. The best part? They tie themselves.

“My kids and I love water balloons,” Malone explained. “While I sat there for hours filling and tying, I tried to think of ways to make it faster and easier. With my kids help, I developed and tested several different techniques and prototypes. Finally a few months ago I developed “Bunch O Balloons.””

According to the instructions pictured on “Bunch O Balloons” is an attachment that you screw onto the end of a hose. It comes with balloons already attached to dozens of mini tubes; when the balloons fill up, all it takes is a gentle shake and you have 100 filled, tied water balloons.

Malone says the design is complete and ready for production. Click here for information on how to support the project and sign up for email rewards.