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‘Welcome’ sign vandalized in Iowa town

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As the immigration debate heated up in Iowa, resident of one town were troubled by a piece of vandalism there.

A sign near the edge of Marshalltown, Iowa, usually reads “Marshalltown Welcomes You.”

Someone apparently spray-painted “Mexico” over the word “Marshalltown” on the sign.   The damage was discovered Wednesday, July 23, 2014 according to our sister station WHO-TV.

Census information indicated nearly 25 percent of Marshalltown was Hispanic.

“The city has taken down the sign that was vandalized. It’s not clear when they will put it back up,” WHO reported.

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  • WendyWhiner

    Let me get this straight. A person who screams and yells about their tax dollars going to illegals pulls this type of crap, which, in turn, will cost the taxpayers to fix? HA! Idiot.

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