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Runners, volunteers celebrate 40th year of Bix

Thousands of runners from across the country will join thousands more here in Quad Cities for the 2014 Bix 7 race.

Rookie runners, especially, will be able to learn something from those who haven't missed one in 40 years and counting.

For volunteer Eloise Caldwell, and her husband Phil, 2014 is their 40th year volunteering for Bix 7.

Eloise was one of the three women to run the first Bix race.  She and Phil decided they wanted to help make the race better.

"When it's over, and everything is a success, we feel it's a job well done," said Phil.

The Caldwells are not alone. You can find banners in downtown Davenport, showcasing others who volunteer and run. Many have done it for 40 years, like runners Don Fish and Ed Lillis.

"Nobody plans to do anything for 40 years in a row. I like to call it a 'grand accident of age.' I'm still alive. I'm still physically able to do it, and it's still a  lot of fun," said Fish.

"How could that happen? How could it be 40 already?" said Lillis.

After four decades, all of them say it never gets old.

"The first day of the week I think, 'This is going to be our last year,' and then when it's over, I think, 'Hey, that was good, and maybe we could do it a little better,'" said Phil.

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