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Foxes invade neighborhoods in Galva

A town southeast of the Quad Cities has become something of a haven for foxes. What they thought was cute, at first, has become concerning.

“It’s just something you don’t see in your front yard,” said Galva native Tahnee Watson.

She sees it multiple times a day, groups of foxes come trotting by, and they have been seen throughout the city.

“I’ve had eight in our yard the other night,” said Watson.

“I have six pups that play out by my apartment,” said neighbor Karla Sterling.

Neighbors say some of the foxes hide out in abandoned homes.  Watson says it’s starting to be an issue and an annoyance.

“It sounds horrible. Like someone, you know, being killed or hurt.  It’s really scary,” said Watson.

She captured video on her cell phone of the foxes screaming.

“The city or someone needs to do something about it,” said Watson.

Neighbors are starting to worry about their kids and pets.

“I don’t know if they will attack you, but it makes me leery,” said Watson.

Watson says the visitors have overstayed their welcome.

“At first it was neat, and we could take a picture and, ‘Oh, look, there’s foxes living in the neighborhood,’ but now its getting to be a little much,” said Watson.

An animal control specialist in Galva said they were trying to get an accurate count of the animals.  Meanwhile, crews were boarding up those vacant homes.


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