Davenport council members override Gluba’s Dock redevelopment veto

Davenport City Council Members unanimously overturned a veto by Mayor Gluba that struck down plans to redevelop the old Dock Restaurant on the riverfront.

On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, the city council voted to override the veto. This motion comes two weeks after the aldermen unanimously approved a development agreement with developer Todd Raufeisen.

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Raufeisen plans to demolish the old, flood-ravaged Dock and build a new, three-story structure with restaurants, offices and banquet space. This design has the building sitting above the flood plain and would stay open regardless of flooding. The project’s estimated cost is just over $12 million.

“It’s like taking a site as it sits today, that cannot be developed, cannot be used, it’s an empty dump — and creating a site that can be utilized and generate tax revenue for the City of Davenport,” said Raufeisen.

On Wednesday, July 16 Gluba vetoed this redevelopment plan.

Gluba said he is siding with the city’s Levee Commission, which wants to see smaller development further from the Mississippi River. He is also seeking a building that is publicly owned, not privately owned.

“You don’t just turn our beautiful, most precious section of the river over to a private developer and let him have at it,” said Gluba.

At Wednesday’s meeting the aldermen also voted to table the SAU stadium vote.


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