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Rider dies during second day of 2014 RAGBRAI

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RAGBRAI 7-26-13, photo submitted by Iowa State Trooper, Dan Loussaert

A 62-year-old cyclist died while he was riding on the RAGBRAI route near Graettinger, Iowa.

The man suffered from a medical issue while he was riding Monday, July 21, 2014, according to a blog post on the RAGBRAI website.

“A trauma surgeon, nurse, critical care paramedic on a medical motorcycle and a care ambulance that carries a nurse, paramedic and physician all tended to the man,” the post said.

He was taken to a hospital in Emmetsburg where he later died.

The man was later identified as 62-year-old Tom Teesdale of West Branch, Iowa.  He reportedly died of a heart attack.


  • tim

    Someone tell me why it’s OK to have a event for 15,000 every year with 100’s of injures and half the time someone dies, but it’s against the law for 500,000 to shoot fireworks because someone might get burned or killed

    • Mark Johnson

      Because, as you said Tim, someone only dies “half the time”. Now, if someone died every time…. that would be another story. Or maybe it’s just because you are an idiot.

  • adam

    One is playing with things that explode and one is a fitness event? I’m all for fireworks and blowing stuff up, but I feel like this is a given.

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