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Local mom shares anguish after her 5-year-old died in a hot car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

After her son died inside a hot car over Memorial Day weekend, a local mom is speaking out in hopes of saving another child's life.

"A child died.  It's not like he just scraped his knee. He's dead," said Melony Jacobs, of Walnut, Illinois.

Five-year-old Logan Jacobs, of Princeton, Illinois, died of heatstroke after he was discovered in a car, with the windows up and the doors locked, outside his dad's house.

It was 83 degrees outside.

"The neighbor did CPR. The paramedics came. I rushed to the hospital. They were trying to get his temperature down to see if his organs would start, because your organs shut down once you reach a certain temperature," Jacobs said.

But there was nothing doctors could do.

"It only takes seven minutes for somebody to die in a (hot) car.  Seven minutes," Jacobs said.

Authorities have said the little boy was in the care of his father, and his fiancee, who had full custody. His dad thought Logan was in his bedroom playing video games.

Police say the father started looking for Logan about 45  minutes later, and found him about an hour later in the vehicle with a computer tablet plugged into the car charger.

Logan's mom says she still doesn't believe she has all the answers.

"I don't know what he was doing there, or why someone didn't check sooner," Jacobs said, adding she doesn't understand why the doors were locked, and why Logan didn't just unlock them.  "I have a ton of questions. He was smart. He's like a five-year old McGyver."

Logan is one of at least 17 children in the United States who have died in a hot car.  Some were left by mistake, others entered the vehicle on their own, unattended.

"It's the hardest thing you'll have to deal with. The guilt, the sadness, the heartbreak. My son's already a statistic for 2014. He was my baby. He was gonna be the pitcher on his baseball team, but he never got to play one game," Jacobs said.

She also feels there should be some sort of accountability and, maybe, punishment needed in the case.

"In my eyes, I feel it was neglect.  Forty-five minutes is a long time," Jacobs said. "It was a mistake, but it was a bad mistake."

In the end though, she hopes parents and caregivers learn from the mistake.

"Pay attention.  Pay close attention. It could happen to you," she said.


  • Joel Munson

    WQAD has done a shoddy job of journalism by posting this. This was supposed to be a story to inform people. WQAD let it turn into a finger pointing game. This woman wants to put blame on her ex husband for a tragic loss. WQAD let this story stray from its purpose. Very tacky Chris Minor.

    • Shelly Davis

      I agree with Joel Munson. Very poor reporting by Chris Minor and WQAD8. Very disappointed in you. Also agree with Detective Smith it was investigated and ruled accidental let the family grieve. Did WQAD8 think to contact the father as well ?

  • A

    This mother is a joke. She is currently raising money for his funeral and pocketing the money. She was in prison for a good portion of his life due to identy theft and other things. WQAD you should contact the father and talk to him before airing this story! His father loved him very much and wouldn’t have done anything to harm him in any way. It makes me sick that this garbage of a story is being aired by his mother! Maybe ask her where all the money is that she has fundraised for funeral expenses! WQAD you should be ashamed you aired this story!

    • Linda

      You are all pathetic she is the mother and has all right to say whatever she wants!!!! Money even if she didn’t use any of the money for her son maybe she wanted to take time not working she lost her son you idiots!!!! You will never no what that’s like until it happends to you ya maybe she messed up but she paid for her mistakes but guess what her son was still alive. I guess you are all perfect ya right. If it was your child and you just sat back and said it’s okay it was an accident you would be a complete idiot, I have two kids one is four and one is fifteen if I don’t see them or hear them in five minutes I scream there name and they say ya and I say just checking in my eyes there was neglect for crying out loud the boy was not even eight years old common wake up people!!!!!! And to the lady that’s not even married to the father yet if it was one of her kids she wouldn’t be sitting back bottom line it wasn’t her kid, the only thing you need to worry about right now is where your kids are at all times don’t wait 30 min to look he was a baby still people I could not even imagine what the poor mother is going through she brought this kid into the world she is the only mother!!!!

      • can

        Linda sorry but I won’t let Mikes name be drug thru mud cause of this . He didn’t do anything wrong and he hurts every say everything outta your mouth is lies about him. I’ve seem him many times his patents and his family many times since and you have no clue how bad the family is hurting. So if you don’t know the whole truth the shut up cause the Jacon family don’t need this and for channel 8, to do it is bill Shit.

      • Linda

        Let him defend defend himself as she has been doing by all you monsters. Drag his name my point is everybody shut up stop saying she was a horrible mother if he didn’t do anything wrong then let it be investigated and move on but then her as the mother she did everything she could in her power to find out the truth. And read my comment again I didn’t say anything bad I was just defending this mother in the interview she never acted like she was there she stated father had full custody. This is between the parents and the grandparerents. That little handsome boys MOTHER AND FATHER AND GRANDPARENTS will never hold that boy again, never kiss him again and never tell him everything will be okay everybody is to busy pointing the finger and blaming and bringing up the mothers past that is not right!! I feel for both parents!!!!!!

  • KM

    First of all I have known Melony for over 10 years+. Not Everyone is perfect and everyone has made mistakes in there life that they may not be proud of but she is a good mother. For you to bash her is rude and inconsiderate. It makes me sick that you would sit here and bash her all because she has a past. Grow up! As far as pocketing any money I don’t believe that one bit. Did she receive any cards from the funeral with her name on it I don’t believe so. She is just trying to get justice for Logan which she is entitled to do! It didn’t happen on her watch but yet her and her family get the stares and the whispers like she did something wrong. Logan’s death deserved to be fully investigated and it wasn’t it was just quickly decided that it was an accident.

  • sherry

    I understand i am sure the father n stepmom loved the boy very much but again what about the mother the one who carried that baby gave birth to that child she counts for something cant blame her , her past is her past she did her time n what if tables where turned and he may have been with his mom when this would have happened than what im sure she would have been so terrible cause of her past , well it was an awful thing to happen to anyone and just think of this in both ways through a mothers eyes as well just sayin

  • Jamie Swearingen

    So disgusting that you would let another person on your news channel to inform others, but what you let her do was blame her ex of neglect!! Why don’t you contact the parent who actually had custody of him and actually cared for him daily. Did you guys give her the statistics to say? She just wanted on there to tear poor Mike and point a finger! Bad call WQAD, do background first and get both sides next time.

  • s

    I happen to know the mom well and know for a fact that she is not profiting over the death of her son. The father has recieved all the money donated from the visitation that wad suppose to be used for funeral snd burial expensese. He went on vacation a week after the visitation and had landscaping done at his home…. I say, who had profited from this? I see his mom grirve on a daily basis. I have never seen his father show any emoition except him laughing and joking around. This mother may have had a rough go at life years ago but she has paid the price and has been nothing but a good mom to her kids. It is irrelavant about her past. I think people are just bringing it up to make her look bad but who was in charge of little 5 yr. old Logan at the time of his much to early death? Don’t put blame on the mom! Put the blame on the neglegent parent and his live in girlfriend who were suppose to be PARENTING!

  • can

    This makes me sick. Maybe you should of called and talked to both sides before you aired this. Mike is a wonderful father. Did you even ask get why she only sees her kids on weekends or why about her drug use and her criminal record. Those kids have been in my life for a long time and what happened was traffic accident and for you to let such lies come out and not get both sides makes you rumor spreaders.

  • JL

    You people sticking up for Mike are idiots. It is pure negligence, black and white, no gray area. Him not checking on Logan for 45 mins resulting in his death…. Absolutely is neglect. Any money that was raised was so she could pay bills while she was off of work. But i know at least 4 people that donated over $100 and Melony never seen that money. She also didn’t go on vacation the grand bear Lodge days following the burial, Or buy thousands of dollars worth of plants/landscaping. But the father did. About the wristbands she only made enuf to cover the cost of them. The father had good insurance so I wonder how much money he pocketed while he is placing blame on her. He is only trying to make his guilt go away. The post the fiance put on Facebook… Melony told Mike not to blame himself one time! At the hospital probably bc she was in shock. Melony has a past so what….. What does that have to do with this??

  • Ugh

    I can’t believe all the people sticking up for him, calling him a wonderful father. Wonderful fathers don’t let their kid die a horrible death in a hot car. He should be in jail.

    • Simmu

      Agreed. Nor do they leave a 5 year old unattended for very long, let alone 45 minutes. I don’t care what said child was doing (video games, etc.)

  • JL

    Actually Melony did inform the reporter of her past… BC she knew that it’s the only ammunition mike had. Nice try tho

  • jag

    The comment on here about the mother are ridiculous!! This is a mother still in morning that just wants answers..She is not in any way shape of form profiting off her sons death. She is simple trying to raise awareness to what heat stroke can do to a child in a matter of minutes. For your information not that it is anyone’s business but her go fund me account was set up by her best friend so she could take time off work to grieve and bury her son which all donations where made by her best friends family & friends. The bracelets are to raise awareness to possible prevent this from happening to a child that’s close to your heart. I think its absolutely pathetic the she is being judge on her past…everyone has a past…walk just one day in her shoes and feel what she feels…lose your child and then judge. As far as neglect goes 45 minute passed before they even realized he was missing and then started looking for Logan and then about an hour later they found him. Accident yes, it could happen to anyone we all get that…which is why she is why she is try to raise awareness. Pay attention to your children know where they are at all times.

  • Julie

    This is a clear case of neglect !!!! If this had happened in the following states Iowa,Texas,Florida,and Georgia the parent responsible would have been charged according to recent news reports.What is going on in Princeton ,Illinois? Sounds like the local authorities need to do there job.It’s there job to protect the child not the parent! We will never see these senseless deaths stop if we just refer to them as accidents and not crimes.

  • Cassandra

    I am so disappointed in this news report, WQAD did an awful story and should feel ashamed for airing this. They got a news story from a convicted felon who does not have custody for good reason. She choose to do drugs while pregnant and after and continued to disobey the law and the judge, and ended up in PRISON!!!! She has no say what so ever in this accident, I don’t care if that child was in her or not, it takes more to being a mom than birthing a child, and she also had a chance to redeem herself after prison which she has not. She has continued to lie, and is continuing to do drugs, and trying to slander the people who are this poor child’s family who are trying to grieve for their loved one…. I’m just shocked that you would sit this story, just shocked!!!!

    • M.A.F

      Cassandra I find your comment very interesting, do you have proof of any of your accusations? Or are you just slandering the mother? If she was doing drugs while pregnant and still is then where is your proof of this? I also find it HYSTERICAL that you say she has had a chance to redeem herself after being out of prison, what exactly do you mean by that? That family NEVER gave her a chance to prove she changed EVER! Logan’s death did not happen while in the MOTHER’S care, now did it? I think everyone who knows the mother KNOWS she has redeemed herself and is doing good. She is also a very good mother who learned from her mistakes. In case you haven’t heard there is such a thing as RECOVERY and people do it every single day and so has she. Just because someone uses drugs in their life doesn’t mean that they can’t overcome their addiction and become a better person for it. She paid her debt to society but once again lets point out that this shouldn’t even be about her because Logan was not in HER care at the time of his death!

      • Cassandra

        I know she has not redeem herself. She does not go to any of her kids events or takes care of them financially and I know 100% she is still doing drugs cause a person I know just sold her some the other day!! Once a junkie felon always a junkie felon!! Thank god those kids are not in her custody because she is not stable and mature enough to raise them, and a judge said so!!! Idiot

    • JJ

      And exactly who gives u ur info…. If she was using while pregnant the state would of taken Logan so fast. And slander…… All she said was yes it’s neglect. For anyone to know know where their kid is for that long…. Is a form of negligence

  • NM

    I can’t believe all the backlash on Melony! This woman has turned her life around for the better. Let’s not forgot the person who had custody when this little angel passed on due to neglect. Who leaves a child unattended that long? Not even a quick check? Let’s also not forget when Mike cashed out on his sons life insurance policy, he spent a good portion on landscaping (really??) and vacationing and taking 2 months off of work. How can you have a jolly good time when your child has just passed on due to your neglect? Also, why are the Jacobs family selling merchandise (i.e. shirts)? Shouldn’t the insurance policy cover the costs of funeral expenses? I guess to cover what Mike has spent on from the insurance policy. Sounds pretty low and tacky to me. There needs to be an investigation on this case, this is all too fishy. Think logically and stop blaming this on Mel, who wasn’t even there at the time.

    • SB

      FYI, the Jacobs family has not sold any merchandise. The tshirts were made as a memorial to Logan and paid for by friends and family, there was no profit made from them! They also ordered wristbands, however they have given them away, they have not been charging for them! For you to say Mike is having a jolly good time is ridiculous. Anyone whom truly knows him has seen the pain and heartache he is going through! It is sickening to me that this story was aired the way it was and that the family has to be put through all this again! Quit judging and let the family grieve!

  • Nancy

    You know what shocks me more is all of you complaining on this website and blaming people when it was and accident and it was no ones fault and the most important thing about this is this boy is dead!!! So stop blaming and let the family that had custody grieve for their loved one. Not a very good story WQAD! Very bad news report and shame on all these stupid comments. Grow up!!!

  • Detective Smith

    This was ruled as a accidental death there was none of any of these false allegations that went on in this investigation. So I’m not where some of the people leaving comments on this site got this information and it’s very sad. Prayers go out to the family.

    • JL

      It hasn’t been ruled as anything…. The case is still open “detective ”
      They call themselves investigators now…. Very nice attempt tho

    • SB

      If her point was to raise awareness then she should have left it at that! There was no reason for her to discuss her thoughts or feelings about what happened or if she thought it was neglect if she was just doing it to raise awareness! Sadly we know that wasn’t her reasoning behind it.

  • Tracy

    Neglect. How can all of you say it isnt neglect? If a child is not seen any amount of time, they need to be checked on. If the mother was with him at the time, everyone would want her to b charged, at least investigated. What’s the difference. This Mike guy, is not above anyone.

    • JL

      Thank you. Anyone who thinks this isn’t neglect probably neglects their own. People who know the dads family clearly aren’t seeing the big picture. Nobody thinks or says he did it on purpose but by paying attention this could of been prevented

  • M.A.F

    None of this was in the “investigation” maybe that’s because there wasn’t a TRUE “investigation” in this case! If there was then the police would realize that this story just doesn’t add up. We arrest a woman today and both her kids go into child protective services for leaving her child in a car and the child is unharmed yet in this case, (no they may not have left the child in the car) but their inability to watch the child resulted in his death and yet NO CHARGES are filed and the daughter is still in the care of these people! REALLY? Any normal person can see something wrong with that. Maybe this case needs to be looked at by the state police verses just the local police. If there are still questions that aren’t answered then there is no way this has been fully investigated, or at least not investigated properly. Furthermore have they proven that the tablet was indeed found on the child’s lap? They stated that the neighbor did CPR while waiting for the ambulance so did the police confiscate the tablet and look into the time frame that the child was supposedly playing on it? I feel that there are still a lot of unanswered questions in this case to just say “its been ruled an accidental death” don’t you?

  • IL

    Aside from it all, this “hot car epidemic” is getting out of hand. Why now all of the sudden are all these “accidents” happening? Put your Facebook away parents and starting paying more attention to the little one’s who matter most. It’s hard to feel sorry for these people the more and more it happens.

  • Lori

    If you are going to allow a parent who was not at the residence at the time to claim neglect on television then the parents who WERE there definitely should be contacted and given the opportunity to express their side and the FACTS. The police report findings should have also been made known, not just that “charges have not yet been filed”.

  • Cathy Cooper

    It is sad and name calling and finger pointing won’t bring the boy back. Yes, the mom has a past as in PAST as in BEFORE this happened. The dad has to take some blame as he was supposed to be watching the boy and failed.
    If the dad had life insurance on the child, how much was it for and if it was more than the cost of burying Logan, why did he have so much? But again my heart goes out to both parents but I feel an investigation is in order to make sure it was just a tragic accident.

    • Lame Stream Media

      Cathy Cooper from Rockland, Maine….How can you scold everyone for finger pointing, but then in the same paragraph you do the same thing? Hypocrite.

  • IA

    yes, what further answers could she find out from the deep, dark underbelly of this situation? especially from the father who FOUGHT so hard to gain custody of his son. lets ponder on the fact that the father had full custody, now lets think about how often that actually happens in america. a father that fights that hard for their children is not going to knowingly put them in a dangerous situation AFTER they took them out of a dangerous situation with the other parent. this piece was clearly not about creating awareness, but about casting the blame for attention. shame on you, wqad, for not getting both sides of the story.

    • ap

      I agree with you! Shame on wqad for not getting both sides of the story! This was a finger pointing of blame, not awareness!

  • Detective Smith

    This was ruled as and accidental death, there was no life insurance policy involed and I am not a local police authority. Please get your facts right.

  • JJ

    Since your friend sold drugs to her would you like to explain to us who that might be. Perhaps your friend works at the pharmacy….

  • Dorothy Sabotta

    I can’t believe channel 8 would allow her to publicly accuse this father without knowing the facts. His heart was broken and will never fully heal. I think you will lose many viewers. DS

  • JJ

    The mother quoted the father… She was in the room while he gave his statement. So if anything was wrong it’s bc his story keeps changing. Yes I’m sure he was upset she also stated she knew it was NOT intentional. However not knowing for that long, according to the definition, is neglect. She said “in my eyes…” which means her opinion

  • b

    I’m really sick of hearing Logan was unattended for 45 minutes or whatever you all are making up. Everyone was looking everywhere for him! I was about to call the police believing he had been ubducted. In that moment he was found. We never thought to check the car.. He never played in the car nor were they allowed to play in the car. Our grand bear lodge trip was a gift to the kids from a friend to get them away from all this bs! Yes we planted trees in memory of Logan and have a lot more things that will be coming. No life insurance has been touched either. The t-shirts were gifts that are greatly appreciated, as well as the wristbands. We have amazing friends and family that have had our backs 100% Logan was loved more than words can describe! The pain and guilt will forever be with us. If answers are needed for her to grieve all she has to do is ask.. I’ve reached out too many times. Please do not judge until you have all the facts! We lost such an amazing bright little boy! Our home will never be the same. Just remember to always lock your car doors, even if you don’t have kids your neighbors might. Lock them in the garage as well! Let’s try to raise awareness and not point fingers. Keep Logans memory alive.

      • JJ

        Well “B” Google “Bella Lindstrom age 4 from Flint Texas” her story is identical… Her father thought her and her sister were asleep when he finally went to check they weren’t there. They were found inside his Nissan, Bella died at the hospital. He has been charged with one count manslaughter and one count of injury to a child.
        Soooo the moral of Logan’s story is due to fact that the father wasn’t paying close enuf attention to the boy, resulting in his death is NEGLECT.

  • Tracy

    ‘”B”, the fact that he needed to be looked for still throws suspicious signs of neglect. Didn’t know where the was. Someone “neglected” to know here he was. js

    • b

      Because he wasn’t where he said he was going to be!! Do you have kids?? You’ve never had to look for them?? Get over yourself. . I pray you never have to deal with such a tragedy. . Let the cops do their job and mind your own business.

      • Simmu

        You act as if he is 15 not 5. I have children (grown) & grandchildren. My 5 year old granddaughter is always checked on even when she’s in the bathroom doing her business.

      • b

        Once again he was being checked on!!!! You people are ridiculous!! Everyone is acting like he was left there or wasn’t being checked on.. we went to check on him and he was gone and that’s when the search began. It wasn’t 45 minutes before we checked on him! This report was poorly done.. I pray none of you have to deal with such a loss.

      • Tracy

        Yes, I have children. No I haven’t ever not known where my children were, ESPECIALLY long enough for them to die. I’m sorry if that is harsh, its truth. Nothing but neglect..

  • J

    I am truly at a loss for words… To be so quick to judge and condemn? Just reading the comments, names attached or not, I can see those of you who know the family – mother, father, stepmother… It’s obvious in your writing. And those of you who don’t, well that’s obvious too. If you don’t know the story, please don’t pretend to. Don’t harass or accuse, because you don’t know. You have no idea what all of these people have been thru. And I hope you never have to. There have been countless reportings and ‘news’ stories that didn’t get the facts straight. And that’s bound to happen, a tragedy like this opens up all kinds of doors for people to invite themselves into someones life. But before you type a nasty message or condemn a family of neglect – think please. These are people, people who are raw and hurt. People you don’t know, and people who have to wake up – not just to the loss of a child, but to this. Everyday. I do not approve of this story, or how the mother handled this. But to come on here and force your opinion, on either party, is sad. And you should be ashamed, and so should channel 8. I’m also appalled that they haven’t closed this forum after so much conflict, that’s hurting all of these people. But maybe the thought was that adults could handle themselves. And unfortunately they are sorely wrong, which is so disappointing. I hope those of you throwing blame left and right don’t have children. I hope you are condemning out of pure ignorance. Because if not – you’re a let down to humanity. Let these people grieve in peace, believe me, your opinion doesn’t matter to any of them.

    • JJ

      People should know that the mother spoke with the reporter for well over an hour, reporters want a “story” so they cut out and modify the story the way they want. The mother knows he was a good father but she also knows that had it happened on her watch him and his family would have her on death row by now. She is a heart broken mother! What mother wouldn’t want answers about the death of her baby, especially one that could of easily been prevented.

  • an observer

    Accidents happen. Accidents can be avoided also. It is awful to think how long he was in the car. I don’t understand how a 5 year old wouldn’t just open the door. Just let this be an Eye-opener to everyone to get their head out of their butts, and pay better attention of kids’ whereabouts.

  • Kate

    I’m completely unrelated to this family and this boy, and the only reason I’ve viewed this is because Princeton is where I’m originally from and I’ve seen the reports on social media.
    That being said, and having never met the boy or his parents, I feel the need to say that this report seems extremely biased, disrespectful, and unprofessional. I completely understand the anguish of the mother, and the feelings and questions that are naturally going to surface after a horrific accident as this, but I do not think that it was the responsibility for Channel 8 to air that information publicly and become involved in the finger-pointing, when this was supposed to be an “informative” piece. There are plenty of statistics, advice, and information that could have been expressed without getting involved in the blame game and the accusations.
    Very unprofessional and hurtful approach, in my opinion. Disappointing.

  • JJ

    I understand Kate that u don’t know the situation however if u knew how the father has treated the mother the last couple years you would realize that she could care less about seeming disrespectful or biased. What happened that day could have been prevented period! There were 2 adults in that home and for whatever reason Logan wasn’t being watched close enuf. Lady u must not be a mother, if u were you would understand how that mother is feeling. Especially since the story has changed several times. The fact that this even happened to a very smart 5 year old raises enuf questions, and to be considered an accident just proves exactly how ignorant that town/County is. He could of gotten himself out of that car, he wasn’t a baby he was a 5 year old!

    • Kate

      Of course I don’t know those details. I never claimed to want to know them either…and I understand that there are private aspects of the situation that people will speculate upon. However, I firmly believe that it is not the job of the news team, or you for that matter, to publicly air those concerns.
      My point is that it is poor, petty journalism.

  • JJ

    B- If the boy was being checked on like u claim, he would still be alive today. The fact that he passed proves absolutely that he was not being checked on! I assume u are the girlfriend or wife, bc u talk about it like u were there… Put yourself in that mothers shoes, imagine how she feels. And for you to be on Facebook slandering that woman is ridiculous. What exactly does 5 years ago have to do with her son’s death. Absolutely nothing!! The fact that u are on the defensive says a lot. I pray that from now on you and that boys father pay closer attention to any children you may or may not have.

  • JL

    B…. Maybe it wasn’t 45 that he was unattended but according to mikes first statement to the police it was.  Remember Melony was in that room with him.  But it’s OK now bc you have fabricated a new bs story.  However that first statement is what they will look at. Then they will see all the differences in each statement.
    Yes you are correct,  children do sneak off however a 5 year olds whereabouts should be known at all times. 

  • JL

    Melony was quoting mikes statement to the reporter,  she wasn’t acting like she was there.  And you have reached out…… To whom have u reached out 2? Not Melony,  u and Mike both haven’t said anything to Melony.  Only irrelevant statements about her past have been spoken of her.  You would think during this horrible time her and mike could at least try to have some sort of friendship,  not for them but for their daughter.  Melony only told Mike ONCE (not all the time like u claim on ur FB) to not blame  himself,  at the hospital when she was in shock!   There are so many rumors and differences in your stories of course she wants answers.  Any mother would,  I would assume you would 2.

  • JL

    The “Gofundme” account was made by her best friend so she could pay her bills from the time she was off of work, to grieve.   Also she has not even received anything from 31, besides that money which was only commission from sales,  is being DONATED by the 31 consultant.  My sister is the one who contacted the 31 consultant not MELONY,  the commission is for her to  do something fun with her daughter.  The wristbands were paid for by her grandma,  after she had gotten enuf money to pay her grandma back the wristbands were given out free. 

  • JL

    I find it very hard to believe that a several thousand dollar grand bear Lodge trip was given to u guys.  Paying thousands of dollars for landscaping “in memory of Logan”?  That could have been done with an URN!   U would think that with all the money you and Mike have been throwing around an Urn would of been the very 1st item purchased.  Apparently goin on vacation and having the landscaping done,  and the girls getting  all new stuff for their room even new beds was more important than an URN for the child that died due to YOUR negligence.   Several questions have come up about where all that money came from especially since mike was off for over 2 months then u go and quit ur job…

  • JL

    I doubt “your people” realize how many people donated money at the funeral/visitation, half of which were Melonys friends and family. And of that money she knows a ton people who put envelopes in the box with Melonys name on it.  Mike only gave her 2 envelopes.  One of which contained a check that was written out to her grandma,  so that would be no use to Mike.  the other had a $20 bill. Those envelopes should have been opened together… Mother and father!  So not only did you guys take all of the money from the box(and TRY to take all the flowers) who knows how much mikes insurance covered the funeral expenses or how much life insurance money was received.. But don’t worry all that info will surface soon enough.

  • JL

    You quit you job to open a daycare?  Who in their right mind would leave their children in the care of people being investigated for death by neglect.  I’m sure you will have enuf buisness with ur friends who “have ur backs”, and continue to talk garbage about Melony and her past. All of those people must neglect their children as well.  So I’m sure u will b ok as far as business goes.   Can u explain what melony did several years has to do with what happened on May 25? Her past is the only thing you have to throw in her face.  Had mike given her even 10 mins of his time, ALONE, he would have realizedone that she is a completely different person.  Addiction is a disease,  she wasn’t herself and anyone who knows anything about it will say the same.  She has tried and tried again to have a friendship with u both,  she finally got tired of trying.  

  • JL

    Melony has made mistakes like everyone in this world and is not ashamed of it bc it has made her a stronger woman. I believe she has proved herself to those who deserve it. People who know her and her past see the change, her daughter included. Melony has always been up front with new friends about her past only to be honest. Example, when she met Melissa and jon…yet u tried to ruin that. Luckily it didn’t work bc they are not judgmental people. That only made you both look stupid.

  • JL

    Anyway….Maybe if mike would actually have a conversation with Melony, she wouldn’t feel like her son’s death was anything other then an accident. You have no idea what she is going thru. She is completely obsessed with this ordeal. She doesn’t sleep or eat. She is constantly looking up things related to heat related deaths. You can tell your friend that stated “Did the reporter tell her to say all those statistic”…for 1 she has done her research, for 2 she is a very intelligent person who completed college. I’m pretty sure that about 90% of your facebook posse barely has a high school diploma.
    The bottom line is Logan’s death could have been prevented, however the negligent parenting that day took Logan’s precious life. There is no doubt you both are good parents and it was an accident, but it happened as a result of neglect.

  • JL

    Those comments from me was supposed to 1 comment but it was too long. All of those comments are directed to “B”

  • JL

    Her daughter has been through a lot and for you to sit and talk poorly of her mother right in front of her is A HORRIBLE THING TO DO.   What you think of Melony should be talked about anywhere besides in front of that girl.  Considering you are also a parent you would know that the only thing u are accomplishing is emotional damage to that poor child.  I’m pretty sure once she realizes exactly how brainwashed she is she will HATE you and resent her father for the rest of her life.  I’m curious to know what exactlygoes on in that house… that child is so scared of her dad. She was scared to get a hair cut which is absolutely ridiculous. No kid should b that scared.

  • M.A.F

    This whole story would of been about awareness if it wasn’t for you bashing Logan’s mommy all over your Facebook! Quit trying to play the innocent one here when your far from innocent! You make me sick and one day you will pay for EVERY THINK! whether it be the day you meet again and have to face Logan and explain to him how your negligence led to his death or the day the police finally arrest you for murder…… Your day will come! You can try and fool everyone that you were “reaching out” to Melony but we know that’s another LIE out of your mouth! Maybe tell everyone how you slander melony in front of her daughter on a daily basis…… Why don’t you start there? You are a disgusting person BARBARA oh I’m sorry I mean B. The world will soon see who you really are!!!!!

  • wws

    Can we please stop referring to Melony as Logan’s mother? I know you wanna make this into a heart touching story, but there’s nothing that touches the heart LESS than a “mother” that participates in a news story about her son’s death while HIGH AS HELL. I’m sorry Logan’s family had to watch this. Melony, just stay out of it like you have over the years. Let Logan’s family grieve, you were a stranger to him. And I am looking at both sides here and everyone that is advocating for Logan’s “mother” keeps bringing up money. I can’t help but notice it and I’ll say it again EVERYONE SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF MELONY IS BRINGING UP MONEY! Melony, honey, you are not financially stable and you never were. You are trying to be discrete about this money-talk and you are doing a horrible job- followers of this story are noticing. Mike and his family have money that they WORKED for. NOW WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LOGAN, MELONY? Please tell me I am imagining this pattern, for one minute stop mentioning the dollar signs!! You have a history of drug use, many would advise against you holding onto any money that is meant to take care of Logan’s expenses.
    To Logan’s family, don’t worry about all of this. The news story only hurt her more, she is a horrible actress and she embarrassed herself. Please don’t let it get to you.

  • JL

    Logan knew who his mommy was…. And ur ignorant comments will never change that. Melony WAS an addict haven’t u heard of recovery? But that has what to do with his death? Absolutely nothing!! Trying to take the spotlight off of Mike and Barbara and putting it on Melony is only making them look guilty. Whatever helps you sleep better at night. When have you heard MELONY say anything about money? People aren’t blind and deaf. Barbara quitting her job raises more red flags, and it’s even funnier that the reason was to open a daycare. May GOD watch over those kids.

  • WWS

    Wow, that was a really good punchline at the end. I think it’s disgusting that you’re getting a kick out of this. There is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t blame you because you don’t realize it, but you are really enjoying all of this. I have heard of recovery; I have also heard of relapse. Nobody put Melony in the spotlight but HERSELF, LITERALLY! It takes years before the parents of a lost child are able to talk on camera about the tragedy. I may be wrong but I can’t help but notice there is some attention seeking going on. She holds regret that she was not the primary in his life and this is a chance for her to not only get out of that negative spotlight, but also benefit from the death of her son by martyring the situation at the expense of Logan. Sure she’s heartbroken, JL, but many of us have the depth recognize she crossed a line when she consented to this news story. Placing one another “under the spotlight” (Sorry, but you really fucked yourself with that term) maybe inept to you, but there is a certain illustration that comes to mind when someone steps under it voluntarily, so eager to gain the attention of the public eye.

  • M.A.F

    wws- no one is getting a “kick out of this” but I can tell you one thing, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER THERE WILL BE JUSTICE FOR LOGAN!!!!! See Melonys actually a VERY smart girl and has a VERY smart friend……and that friend has been doing some VERY interesting research over this weekend and all I can say now is THERE WILL BE JUSTICE FOR LOGAN!!! This will happen and after they are charged this will all end but until that happens we WILL NOT STOP UNTIL POOR LOGAN GETS THE JUSTICE HE DESERVES!!!!

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