City of Davenport developing news site

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In this fast paced world, the City of Davenport is turning attention to 24/7 news cycle by having a news website of its own.

A presentation for the site from January lists some of the goals for the plan including: to be the go-to source for City news, create positive buzz, be the leading resource during emergency and crisis events, break news good and bad, manage message on potential controversies, create two-way conversations, and change the culture.

"I don't like that too much. It's like censorship," said Gary Sushich.

"I think it's a good idea. I think communications can't hurt anything. This is a step toward good communications with the City and the citizens of Davenport, so I'm all for it," said John Willard.

The City will hire a web designer, two content providers, and freelance stringers for an estimated cost of between $143,000 to $178,000 to cover news and possibly weather and sports.

"If it's for the good of what we want, we need, then that's obviously the top priority," said said Michael Wolf.

"I'm all for wondering what the weathers gonna be doing and wondering what the daily news is, but $178,000 is a lot of money," said Larry Lockwood.

"I think there's better uses, roads, sewer system;  I believe they have other problems, like infrastructure than to do this website," said Sushich.

News Eight reached out to Craig Malin, City Administrator and Jennifer Nahra, Communications Director for an interview about the site, but both declined.

In an email, Nahra said, "The City is improving the website to enhance internal and external communications and facilitate citizen involvement."