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Bus riders could expect longer commute during Centennial Bridge closure

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Just days ahead of complete shut-down of the Centennial Bridge between Davenport and Rock Island. Some people have learned their commutes will be much longer than expected.

It's one of the busiest routes for CitiBus.

"I use it everyday to commute to get back and fourth to work everyday," said passenger Ray Gray.

That Route takes passengers across the river over the Centennial Bridge. However, along with everyone else they'll have to find a detour when the Centennial bridge is shut down for repairs. That detour is the Arsenal Bridge.

"They'll hopefully stay on time," said Doug Roelfs, general manager at CitiBus.

It's actually faster than taking the Centennial, but with the Arsenal there could be some big delays. The biggest one, barges. So CitiBus says they will have a standby bus ready in case if there are backups.

"They only got like one lane over there and it will be real backed up if they used the Arsenal Bridge," said Gray.

"The other thing is there will be a lot of traffic for the Arsenal as well so we could see a lot of backup traffic," said Roelfs.

Worst case scenario, they could start sending drivers out to I-280. Making a one mile trip into a 16 mile roundabout route. Passengers their biggest concern is getting to where they need to go on time. So that means planning ahead, expecting delays and for some getting to the bus stop earlier.

Also hoping there are no bumps along the way.

"We're hoping it will be good weather. The construction will move fast and it will go faster than we expect," said Roelfs.

Click here for a detour of routes.

The complete closure of the bridge has been bumped back slightly to now August 3rd. It will be closed for roughly a month.