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Davenport alderman: ‘I will stand in front of buses’ to stop unaccompanied children

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Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba's plan, to house up to 200 unaccompanied children that are detained on the southern U.S. border, was attacked on national television by Davenport 2nd Ward Alderman Bill Edmond.

Edmond rebuked Gluba's Caring Cities Campaign stating, "I will stand in front of the buses, if I have to, to stop them," during a July 20, 2014 appearance on Meet the Press.

The next day, Gluba fired back in an exclusive interview with News 8.

"America is much better than this. You can't have these kids continued to be held in glorified pins," Gluba said.

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Gluba said his plan to help the unaccompanied children has been the bullseye of misinformation.

He says the funding is at the center of the misconception.

"There will be no local money involved. This is totally paid for by the federal government," Gluba said.

Gluba explained that, if Davenport housed these children, protocol would be followed, including routine checkups and immunizations before their arrival.

Alderman Bill Edmond told News 8 he doesn't want Davenport to intervene with what he calls a "federal issue."

"If we bring these kids to Davenport, word gets back quick in Central America," Edmond said.

"Our own Border Patrol, and the Department of Homeland Security, has said the majority of these children are actually over the age of 14; many of them wearing gang tattoos," Edmond added.

Others in the community have shown their opposition to Gluba's plan. In Moline, protestors lined up along I-74 to display their concern with bringing unaccompanied children to the Quad Cities.

(Watch video from those demonstrators in the player below)

While some have protested, Mayor Gluba said there have also been many supporters.

As the political divide tears through the Quad Cities, Mayor Gluba stated he doesn't plan on backing down.

"In Davenport, we pride ourselves in being an open, caring and passionate community.  I'm not backing down from that one inch," Gluba said.



    • grumpy0ldman

      Maybe we should drop you in Central America and see if you can survive the horror that these kids are running from. The right wing has no heart.

  • Anita Thompson

    People against this idea make me sick to my stomach. They are equivalent to the Pharisees in the Bible: out for only themselves despite the teachings of God and his son, Jesus. Any of them who call themselves Christians are hypocrites and monsters! I wonder how many of you call yourselves pro-life, too. Once a child is born, conveniently, your work is done!

    • kevin

      and people who use religion ” quotes make me want to puke… send them illegals back with instructions on how to use birth control for there parents dont keep spitting out kids they cant suport my tax dollers are needed in better places

      • The Original Joe S

        Agree! We are saps to allow illegal criminal invaders to waltz into our country. Other countries lock them up and deport them.

  • Leigh Richards

    It will take tax $ both local, state, county and federal…that is all paid for by taxes. globe lies and prides HIMSELF in being a liberal. He is a Mayors Against Gun Member, several anti-war organizations and other liberal organizations on the Tax payers dime. His position with davenport is supposed to be non-partisan.

  • Bill

    No local money paid by the Federal government. Does Gluba think we are ignorant or is he ignorant himself. Gluba, Who funds the federal government? Magic Elves?

  • AJ Westin

    OFFICIAL WARNING: We of the Aryan Brotherhood will back our fellow Americans in blocking this influx of immigrant filth into our country. For too long the White Culture has been subjugated by a society that worships celebrity, money, and hip hop culture. Time to take our country back.

    “Be a simple kind of man.” – Lynyrd

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