Unique form of hockey is played in regular shoes

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You don’t normally lace up your shoes to play hockey, but with this unique sport, you do.

Dekhockey is described as hockey on shoes, and during the weekend of July 18, 2014 the first annual Dekhockey Iowa games began.

Teams and players met at the QC Dekhockey rink located in Bettendorf’s Crow Creek Park. They came from as far away as Des Moines and Cedar Rapids for the competition.

“This is the biggest sport, the biggest summer sport in Quebec,” said QC Dekhockey owner Patrik LeVesque. “We have big championships so create the same thing here and get people from everywhere: Minnesota, Quebec, Chicago, to come down here and compete and represent their cities and create a fun and big league for everyone.”

The Quad City League is in the process of building a second rink in Crow Creek Park.

For more information and a full game schedule, click here.