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Witness describes McVay arrest for murder of Carrie Olson

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A witness says she was working with Tim McVay when he was arrested in Silvis, Illinois.

When police showed up at their job site Friday, July 18, 2014 Linda Williams said she was working with McVay for the fourth time.

McVay, 39, was arrested at about 11:30 a.m. Friday, July 18 outside a home where he and Williams were working to prepare the house for sale.  McVay was rebuilding windows, installing siding and waterproofing the basement of the home in the 1400 block of 5th Avenue in Silvis.

"He was on a ladder, up there, and they asked him to step off the ladder.  When he stepped off the ladder, they put handcuffs on him," Williams said.

Williams said McVay appeared to be surprised by the presence of the police.

"He acted very surprised," she said.  "He didn't say a word.  He just stepped down and got cuffed and left."

Williams said McVay was taken away with a convoy of three unmarked vehicles with Illinois plates, one unmarked vehicle with Iowa plates and one car from the City of Silvis.

Williams seemed surprised to learn McVay was charged with murder.

"I've been around him a couple of different times.  He's very social, very nice.  But, people snap," Williams said.

McVay remained held in the Rock Island County Jail on $1.5-million bond.   He was expected to make his first court appearance Saturday, July 19, 2014 to face charges in connection with the death of Carrie Olson.

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editor's note: Story originally listed McVay's age as 29, his correct age is 39.

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  • nathan

    I met him. Very arrogant/cocky. Typical cocky criminal who thought he could out smart the police. He should’ve been arrested at the beginning of the year, but I understand that the police wanted to be 100% sure. I hope they’ve investigated his gf in Minnesota.

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