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PC sales edge out tablet sales in second quarter

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The PC industry just had its best quarter since 2012, with 75 million PCs sold in April, May, and June.

Tablet sales, however, are fairly underwhelming.

Tablet manufacturers reported only shipping about 56 million tablets during their first quarter in 2014, which is down from the 59 million sold this time last year.

Brian Handley, owner of Computer Evolutions in Davenport, said even though portability is the main draw to buying a tablet, it can also be its main setback.

"They are portable [and] very easy to use, but they just don't have the storage capabilities that the notebooks have," Handley said. "They also don't have the full size keyboard which makes it easy to type on."

Handley said that while tablets may not be flying off the shelves right now, it is probably just a temporary lag.

"I do believe that tablets are the future. But as of right now, especially here in the Midwest, I think people are still liking their traditional computer as opposed to a tablet," said Handley.

Tablets run for about half the price of a traditional laptop. iPads cost around $500 while a MacBook Pro costs close to $1,000.

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