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The wait is finally over – Sweet corn is ready!

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Harvesting sweet corn is a family affair at Krueger's Market in Letts, Iowa.

"Five-thirty in the morning until noon, about every day, we pick sweet corn," said Earl Krueger.

Krueger was busy on Wednesday supervising the 2014 crops for his longtime business, Krueger's Market.

"It's amazing," he said. "Corn looks pretty decent."

It's quite an accomplishment after extreme weather delayed the harvest about 10 days. But there's plenty of sweet corn to pick. They'll bring in 48,000 ears on a busy day.

"I usually eat a couple ears every morning, raw," said Steve Krueger, Earl's son.  He's the third of four generations to be involved in this family business. "I prefer it cooked with a little bit of butter and salt."

Earl earned his place in the tractor seat. He started small 40 years ago. These days, the operation includes family and a 20-person crew.

They'll harvest nearly 100 acres of sweet corn this season, with a simple philosophy.

"Quality," Earl said. "I love to have the best I can raise."

A dozen ears of the super sweet corn costs $5 at their stand. Customers want it fresh off the stalks.

"They don't want shipped-in produce," added Steve. "They want home-grown."

Despite weather delays, sweet corn will be worth the wait. It's all coming to a veggie stand and store near you.

While the Kruegers operate a stand at their farm, 1455 231st Street in Letts, Iowa, they sell mostly to vendors and supermarkets. That pace will keep them busy until the first frost.

"It's gratifying that people like it," Earl concluded. "That's the main thing."

There's family pride in a product that's really home grown. It's sweet corn to savor, straight from the Hawkeye State.


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