Pony kicks girl at Niabi Zoo, grandmother catches it all on camera

A pony kicked a three-year-old girl at Niabi Zoo on Saturday when she walked over and tried to pet it after the ride was over.

Patty Ramirez videotaped the incident on her cell phone when her granddaughter, Sadie, got kicked. Ramirez said Sadie is okay, but she’s not happy with the way the zoo attendants handled the situation.

“You don’t set a two- and a three-year-old down and just walk away when there’s a big animal standing next to them,” said Patty Ramirez, Sadie’s grandmother. “They have to have more responsibility, they have to have better training.”

Niabi Zoo Director, Mark Heinzman, said the zoo regrets that the incident happened, but families need to remember that animals are unpredictable.

“As with any animal, there’s some inherent risk you have to pay attention to, just because they are animals,” Heinzman said.

Heinzman also said there is a sign posted outside the pony rides reminding families they are responsible for their own children’s safety.

Ramirez said the family just wants better training for the zoo attendants.


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