Experts say cooler weather a welcome change to our pets and plants

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As cooler temperatures make their way down from Canada, the Quad Cities will be seeing a temps as low as the 50's this week.

It is unseasonably cooler weather than what the area usually sees this time of year, a good 10 to 20 degrees below normal.

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However, according to pet and plant experts in the Quad Cities, it's nothing to worry about.

[Our plants] are going to get a vacation this week," said master gardener, Craig Hignight. "When the temperatures come back up, they're going to be ready and raring to go for the rest of the summer."

Hignight said the only plants that may not enjoy the cooler weather are vegetable plants, and people may want to bring them inside for the week.

As far as the family pets go, the only animals that should stay away from the cooler temperatures are birds.

"You have to be cautious if you have tropical birds because any kind of slight breeze will cause them to catch the flu," said George Bingham, General Manager at Teske's in Moline. "Keep them in another room, away from the window, so they're not getting a draft."

Bingham said family dogs will enjoy the cooler temperatures and people should try to get the dogs out more during the week.